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atlanta wireless networking and network support in atlanta
atlanta network administration and wireless network installation in Atlanta
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The list below represents the most frequently requested Hardware and networking services. Please call us at 1-877-ROVIX-77 (toll free) or 1-404-885-6066 (international clients) to discuss your project and to obtain information on additional capabilities.

Needs Assessments

  • Rovix will perform an analysis of new hardware / networking equipment requirements or the usage of existing hardware and make equipment recommendations.

Vendor Selection

  • Rovix will conduct hardware vendor research and generate a list of recommended suppliers.

Equipment Purchase

  • Rovix will perform the equipment purchase on your behalf or provide assistance during the process.
    Please note that Rovix does not (re)sell hardware but instead acts as your agent.

Hardware Installation/Configuration

  • Complete installation and configuration of any PC-based system(s) and peripheral in the greater Atlanta area.


  • Complete local area network installation and configuration.
  • We offer a broad range of wireless network solutions for corporate, small business, and home office clients.
  • Wireless networks are generally more cost effective than traditional local area networks. The primary reason is that the installation cost of a traditional local area network (i.e. laying wires through walls or along baseboards, installing outlets, etc.) far exceed the slighly higher cost of the wireless networking equipment.
  • An additional benefit of a wireless network is the easy with which additional users are added to the network. The process amounts to little more than the installation of a wireless network card in the new user's computer. Recently, many computer manufacturers, such as Dell, have begun including wireless network cards in their retail computer offerings.
  • Contact us to learn just how affordable and secure the convenience of wireless networking has become in recent months.

Security/Anti Virus/Disaster Recovery

  • We offer a full suite of security, anti virus, and disaster recovery solutions. Please see "Consulting Services" for details.
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